Public Policy Events: now Citizens Rights Project

UPDATE: Public Policy Events has now become the Citizens Rights Project. Our new website is at

The pages on this website describe our events and programme before we changed our name.

Public Policy Events organises conferences, seminars, and other events on a wide range of issues. We were established in May 2017, as a ‘not for profit’ company limited by guarantee. Our events range from major conferences on key public policy issues, to more specialist events for particular professional groups and interest groups. Our aim is always to make training, debate, and the exchange of ideas available to as wide a community as possible.

We’re currently leading a Citizens’ Rights Project for EU nationals in Scotland, to provide information about citizens rights before and after “Brexit”. This includes the publication of factsheets, and the holding of free information days. The first phase of the programme featured events in Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Inverness. A second phase featured information days in Lerwick, Livingston, Dundee, Perth, Ayr, Edinburgh (with Polish interpretation), and Glasgow (with Romanian/Slovak interpretation). You can find more details about this project here.

Between September and December 2017 we organised a further information, engagement, and research project for EU27 citizens in Scotland, thanks to financial support from the Scottish Government. Further details can be found here.

In our general programme, we organised earlier this year a seminar on the theme of “Brexit update: implications for law and practice in Scotland”. This was held in Edinburgh, on the morning of Monday 26 March 2018. Details of the programme and speakers can be found here.

Earlier events have included a conference on “Brexit and Scotland: implications for law and government” (May 2017) which was organised by Scottish Legal Training in conjunction with ourselves. It was also supported by Scottish Legal News and the Scottish Centre on European Relations.

In October 2017, we organised a seminar on “Promoting Energy Co-operatives in Scotland”. Full details of the programme, topics and speakers, can be found here.

On 29 January 2018, we held another very successful event on the subject of  “New rights for communities to buy land and acquire public assets”. Details of the programme and speakers can be found here