New project for EU27 citizens in Scotland

We are pleased to announce that Public Policy Events has been awarded a grant by the Scottish Government for our EU Citizens’ Rights Project. The project will provide information, engagement, and research for “EU27” citizens in Scotland – citizens of the 27 EU countries that will remain in the EU after Brexit.

The project consists of the following elements:

  • Advice and information events for E27 citizens in communities across Scotland, including Edinburgh (31 October), Aberdeen (6 November), Glasgow (24 November), Motherwell (26 November), Dundee (28 November), and Inverness.
  • Research on the needs and concerns of EU27 nationals in Scotland, both on the immediate issues arising from Brexit, and longer-term opportunities and challenges for EU27 citizens in Scotland
  • A multi-lingual website providing information on citizens’ rights; access to public services; business, education, and skills opportunities; language services; participation in public life and the democratic process.
  • Network, capacity building, and outreach work amongst EU27 communities in Scotland.

Scottish Government support for the project was announced in a press statement on 7 October 2018, which gives details of a number of initiatives of which this project is one. Please look at the new website for this project for more details.