EU Citizens’ Rights Project – Autumn 2018 programme

EU Citizens’ Rights” in new drive to provide EU nationals in Scotland with details on Brexit


A group bringing together migrants’ groups, voluntary organisations and lawyers has teamed up to make sure EU citizens in Scotland know about their rights after Brexit. After a series of successful events last Spring, volunteers from the “EU Citizens Rights Project — Scotland” are coming to more Scottish cities this autumn.

The events will be held in Livingston, Dundee, Perth and Ayr. Additionally, two specialist sessions in Polish and Romanian are planned to be held in Edinburgh and Glasgow. The meetings will feature expert speakers followed by a Question and Answer session, as well as representatives from a number of migrant organisations from across the country. As part of the project, 15,000 multilingual factsheets on Brexit are being distributed among the communities.

The aim of the project is to provide information on Brexit for over 200,000 EU citizens living in Scotland, whose registration under the “settled status” application scheme is set to start already towards the end of 2018. It has been brought together by Mark Lazarowicz, an advocate whose interests include EU law and citizenship, and former MP for Edinburgh North and Leith.

Mr Lazarowicz said: “Even though the EU and the UK have reached a provisional agreement about the EU citizens rights, there are still a lot of questions about how the arrangements will work in practice. If they are true to the set timeframes, the UK government will need to register up to 3.6 million EU citizens in under 3 years, processing over 3.700 applications per day. This means the Home Office may have difficulties dealing with complicated, unusual cases. And, of course, a lot of EU citizens (and also employers) have questions about what would happen if the UK leaves the EU with “no deal”.

“Just weeks before the settled status application scheme for the EU nationals in the UK is supposed to start its “phased rollout”, many EU citizens still need more information about Brexit. Our group of experts, supported by local organisations, aims to reach most vulnerable members of the community, who in some cases may not understand how the system works” — explains Dorota Peszkowska, the Project Coordinator.

The events will be held on the 19th and 29th of September (first Livingston, then Dundee and Perth on the same day), as well as the 1st, 10th and 13th of October (Edinburgh, Glasgow and Ayr, respectively). Speakers will include experts from Scottish solicitors, Drummond Miller, who are recognised as leading specialists in immigration law and lawyers from Just Right Scotland, a Scottish legal centre specialising in justice and human rights. The project is delivered with the financial support of the European Commission Office in Edinburgh.

More information on the project, the details of the events and multilingual factsheets on Brexit may be found on the Facebook page for the project EU Citizens Rights Project – Scotland and on Twitter uner Citizens Rights Project.

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